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Who is the better Dinker…?

PeCaPeCa…Our Sunday on the Farm was Awesome…enough room you can spread out and just be…but where were we ….in a lady’s family circle around JesseWayne..seeing who had the best dink for a fretting baby…we all had our turn and then Mattie appeared just in time…LOL!…there’s nothing like the Real MaMa’s touch…Mattie done good..so proud of her…

and my pot roast was a Hit…I don’t know if it was that they didn’t have to cook or if it was that good…LOL!

Daddy made a Pineapple cake and Meg and Our Chef Katy stopped at the store to buy a pie…they were suppose to bake something but they read the blog the night before and decided..Hey..granddaddy came through…LOL!…the pie was good and so was the thought for a laugh…

and Rosetta finely got her Home..at school with Amy L….her wall of encouragement


got a buzy day today..Daddys BoTime..Santa’s reaming out..colon thing?…and I am sicker..but we must move ahead..no time for the caregiver sickness..that will come later for me…I see sandwiches on the horizon for supper…

thats all I got ….sending you the most awesome Monday…


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