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PeCaPeCa…three good things in one Day..can’t beat that with a stick…one other thing the weather is Bad..raining some cats n dogs out there and it’s suppose to get worse..closing schools early..bad winds….I read something this morning that the weather is bipolar..thought that was funny..it is kinda ..this winter season has been alittle strange…I may have to wait to go on my shopping trip with Santa…and who knows if Daddy will get to go to BoTime..he says he moves to slow..he would drown before he got to the car..LOL!…

Well…needless to say…I didn’t do my housework yesterday…I got real lazy for some odd reason..so I guess..it was meant for me to do it this day…but I’d rather go play…cause I got dollars…

A new vendor friend stopped by yesterday and bought me a bag full of crap..I’m excited..new inspiration and another vendor friend called..got a plan to go see her Friday to pick through her crap…I am so blessed with new friends..new ideas..there is no telling what may come out of all this stuff…looking forward to create…

Rainy day Crafting..if I can’t go spend my dollars..I can always Craft..

thats all I got…sending you a safe Happy Hump Day🐫🐫🐫🐫…



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