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Getting Ready…

PeCaPeCa….Yes..even though I didn’t Craft this week…I must get my stuff ready for the Market tomorrow…seems like it is always in a mess after a pack up on Saturdays…Why?…anyway that will be part of my day…I have an appointment to see some crap of another vendor…Excited bout that…you never know what lies in someone else’s buckets..closets..or drawers…it could be just what you’re looking for to make that Doll…

Housework finally got done…Fresh Beds..clean Toilet…nothin’ no better…except walking in your clean Home…and that deep breathe of cleanliness….Ahhh!!!

Even if it’s just for that day…LOL!

well….I’ve been kinda boring this week…no stories to tell..maybe Life will throw me a curve and I will be bursting with a good one…that’s all I got…sending you a moment in your day…


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