Giving Thanx Still..

PeCaPeCa… Peeps..I don’t know what I did to deserve the day I had at the Market yesterday but I am still whirling and giving Thanx to what happen for me…

I sold FIVE dolls…Ester Easter..Fernado..Seaweed..Miss Peral..Cutie Cupcake…Record Sales…Thanx was given and still Thanking…and Cutie CupCake is sitting on one of the Vendors table for advertising her product…I think it’s catching on…I am just so excited bout my new craft and it all started from a tiny pic of a tiny wire doll my Amy L. sent me when she thought I needed a new craft to do…and I Ran with It…Thank You..My Amy L.

It was all winding down yesterday..bout 1:30..and this beautiful brown girl stopped to admire my table of dolls…and I do have one brown girl left..which I have not concentrated on brown girls we got in a conversation..she is from Brazil..and an Art student that’s going to ECU…and the topic of our conversation was the different shades of her race…and I told her I had a problem liking the darker dolls I had made and her response…that’s because you are looking at it through a Caucasian eyes and never experience it through African American…eyes..there are so many shades of our skin…and I would like for you to have a few more brown girls next week of different shades…if possible….we talked about racism..we laughed a lot and at the end..I had made a new friend..she was interested in my ‘just friends’dolls…they are small…like lil Fairies…one is a brown girl and one is white….so I gave them to her to remember this moment in time of our new friendship…with tears in her eyes..we hugged..she said she was going to show them in her Art Class and tell the story as I am telling you..since that I have given that encounter much thought…and there will be a couple more on the table next Saturday…in honor of my new friend…they are good sellers..that’s why I don’t have but one left…they sell Fast…my Brown Girls…’s not all about the Dollars for me..and I say’s listening to their stories..everyone has a just have to stop and listen..Thanx..everyone for stopping and listening to my story…

Today will be filled with Dolls…Dolls…Dolls…Santa is so Proud of his SunShine..

That’s all I got…sending you the greatest of days…


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