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Great First Day….

PeCaPeCa…I had a mighty fine first day of the new month…Junk Store finds and I got my toes done and I enjoyed it..no pain this time…I’m getting better or she is…LOL!…and I even got my eyebrows evened out…it was all about me..

And a mighty fine Supper I cooked also…Roast Pork Loin..mashed taters..corn on the cob and a loaf of fresh yeast bread..Oh and some mighty fine Gravy…it was my Sunday Dinner on a Monday…

I decided to wonder around the empty house next to us yard and what did I find a piece of Bark..Perfect for my fishing girl…hot glue fixed some minor cracks where I didn’t need them…ain’t nothin’ like hot glue…and I got the mug for Christmas..LOL!…haven’t got a name for her yet…Anyone want to take a stab at giving me one..and I made a lil simple brown girl with no name..my name pool is alittle low..need some help…My fishing girl has found the perfect fishing hole..Peaceful under the Apple Tree…I even made that pretty fish…I really come up with this fishing girl on a suggestion of a lady that bought two of my dolls Saturday…she fishes a lot and it’s her Peace …so…I liked the idea and did it..

And I made ten new stands…I was a buzy girl yesterday on my first day of the month…I lived it well..how bout you?…

As you probably know ..my JonBoy is one talented boy..he is making another Bike to sell..he sent me a pic of the seat he made..it’s hard getting him to send me pics of his stuff..cause I love showing his art off…but I guess I was lucky yesterday and got this one…great job My JonBoy…can’t wait to see the bike complete…image

Today is Hump Day already…the days are wizzing by..make the most of what you have..always find the positive…

That’s all I got…sending you a Happy 🐪🐫🐪🐫🐪🐫 Day…



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