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Daddy Day….

PeCaPeCa….Yep…it’s a Daddy Day..payday for him and he gets to go anywhere he wants..first stop …Bank…LOL!….sorry to say he doesn’t go on the big Wally World shops anymore..but I do give him a whirl at the Pig…

I hadn’t planned to go anywhere yesterday but Santa needed for me to make him a mustard plaster…it works wonders a chest cold..so since I was out..lets stop at my favorite hot spots…Nothing at Sally Store…lots at the dollar tree…it’s for the sake of the dolls..I Shop…Lol!

I tried my hand at my Mermaid…I love the way it turned out..now I need a piece of driftwood..to set her off…her names is Coral..I’m hoping the plant guy is there Saturday..he has some driftwood for sale..maybe I can find the perfect setting..


And I made a bear for Sherry…And he looks alittle scary..but oh so Cute…yes..I named her Sherry and her Beary…image

and I named the other brown girl..Estelle..Ready for a party…and I ended up naming the Easter girl..Dandeloin..

I was looking on Pinterest and found some shadow boxes and I thought to myself …Hmmm!…and YES…I started one …it’s a Farmer and his garden..ill show the beginnings…his name is Clarence…a hard worker of the dirt but the rewards are great..

Sometimes when I post my pics of the finished doll..you never really see the extra details that PopUps before it is really finished…I add some trinkets as I find them..it is never really finished til it’s on the table…I also have an idea for a doll that I thought for sure would sell fast so she’s getting a redo…her name is Peppermint having tea..I’m adding some toy tea dishes in a box ..just wait…it’s going to be so dang cute for that lil girl..

It’s in the Eye of the Buyer…

That’s all I got….sending you a super Thursday…




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