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I am so Proud…

PeCaPeCa….Yep…I am beaming this morning…I finished Clarence…and it’s the cutest ever…I made at least..80 o/o of everything on this…all the vegetables except carrots…I didnot know I could make vegetables…Clarence is a Godly Man and always gives thanx and gives back…and just look at them giant vegetables…lol..

he loves the dirt…Well..I have made five new things this week and I’m ready for the market…packing up my stuff today…ready for tomorrow…just a reminder…Chili Cookoff tomorrow…the soup was a hit..lets try that chili…come on down and get you some Chili..and trinkets…the weather is suppose to be Sunny and 53..perfect for a ChiliDay…

Daddy and I had a really FUNDAY on his payday…he got his nails and toes done..we did a Pig run and stopped a couple places I wanted to…I always park in a good place so if he has to go..remember that if you take him out…LOL!

thats all I got…sending you a Fantastic Friday…



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