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PeCaPeCa…Stating the obvious…it’s Monday…lots going on this week…two heart doc appointments…a funeral…extra crafting…and whatever else may PopUps in the Jack n the Box..everyone hates going to funerals..I do…that’s why I’m not having one..I want a Party for all my friends n family…stated that many times…my friend John Brown..aka..Robert Mills passed after a terrible battle with cancer..he was the best smelling man I have ever knew…and one of the funniest next to me…LOL…RIP..you are in no more pain n sorrow…

I got my craft on yesterday…Meet Gert…it was a experimental idea..I love the fairy garden craz that’s going on so I gave my hand at it…

And I started on a male mermaid..do they have a special name?…anyway…it’s a boy fish…he is going to be black n silver…and yet another mermaid in the works…they are a very good seller and the boat people maybe coming back soon..they love small crafts for there boats…image

Still looking for some drift wood or a tree root…the plant man was way to expensive…but he said he would look around for me…

..Daddys cupcakes were a hit with the lady’s..they said..Daddy could bake stuff anytime..they are willing to eat it up…he’s such a good Daddy..he even made me a angel food cake…my favorite…

Santa and I had a wonderful Sunday outing..it feels so good to have some extra dollars so we can go out and not sweat spending a dollar or two..we even used a coupon at Arby’s to eat out…and I got my charger for the iPad and a flower pot for Santa’s tree..he’s started a avocado seed..he’s so proud and a new pot was in order..and a must stop at the Dollar Tree…lol..

That’s all I got…sending you a very blessed Monday…and I did not know so many didn’t read all the way down to the end…you may miss something one day…

One day



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