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Easy Tuesday…

PeCaPeCa…Good Morning my Peeps..it was five thirty for me this morning when Lily decided it was time to get up and eat and try and get the birds..I was not a happy camper cause I was in a most intense dream ever..the kind you have a pounding headache when you wake up..so I decided to mess with some clay..

Trying to be quiet..not to wake everyone else up…For Lily..she didn’t care…

Today is a big Pig run for me…got to get the meats…

My echo cardiogram went well yesterday..the tech said it all looked pretty good..but she couldn’t give me the details..going Friday to Dr.Jesseup for that…

I quit smoking alittle over a year now..it must have paid off…

Still on the Vape…

Not much else going on…just Crafting on quite a few projects…that’s all I got…sending you a terrific Tuesday..


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