Chain Letters….

PeCaPeCa…let me start off by saying..I dislike ChainLetters…I recieved three this week and only acted on was the money..I will admit it..Even though I am thrilled you are praying for me and I you…it’s just not right to use prayer for the money in his name..there ain’t NO MONEY coming folks…unless it’s your income tax return and ours is not that amount…a whole lot less but I will continue to pray for You and you pray for me…without limits…I thank you…

Well..I did it and I am so Proud and glad I did…my flowerbeds look great now I just need to get a few bags of potting soil or dirt to fill in the old holes My Bear dug…and sit back and watch stuff grow…Santa and I had a great time…I even got alittle Sun pink…so I decided I needed  a reward…took a bath…shaved the timbers…let me see that would be about two months growth..OMG!…the sink look like a black ant farm…anyway…I ask daddy if he wanted to take a ride on this Magnifacent day…off we went…Sally Store..where I found Santa..jeans…next winter shirt and some sweat pants..which all three items still had their tags on..never been woren…the guy must have died or lost or gained weight…they were all name brand…for nine dollars…I’m telling pays to buy second hand…anyway again…daddy wanted to go to the Dollar Tree…now this is fun…cause  eventually Daddy is going to ask..How much is this?…I just smile on the outside and die laughing on the inside…and how many times did he ask…three…too funny…we always have a good time…and yes..I’m go in’ to miss him bad when he’s gone..but I am going to enjoy it to its fullest while he’s here..

Today I have a full day planned…Heart Doc this morning and a planned trip with my Gail..we are going to Goldsboro to shop at JoAnns..they got a sale going on..unless she cancels and that will be ok..but I hope not..I told the guys ..they were on their own for supper cause when you go somewhere with Gail or Amy L. Expect the’s not a three hour tour with them…pack an extra dollar or two for eating a couple times..LOL!

And I got another idea in my involves these three items and a pixie..and a couple more trinkets…pic in the future…image

Tomortow is Market Day…hope to see some of you there…

thats all I got…sending you a Fabulous Friday…


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