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New Week….

PeCaPeCa….It’s Monday …New Week to get it right..lets do this…

I was very buzy crafting yesterday..Mr.Stick has his new wings…Amy L. Has her gift for her friend and I started on a cute project to sell..

And still had time to take a little ride with Santa…it was a good peaceful Sunday…

I always post my blog on Facebook and some of my peeps have not been reading cause they say it doesn’t come up on their feed any more and I don’t know why..sooo…if you go to WordPress.com..and type in TayTays..there’s a follow button and you can put in your email and get it that way..I will be working on the problem on my end..I was wondering why my Stats have been low,I just thought my peeps were bored with all the chatter…it’s good to know what the problem is so maybe I can fix it..or try…and that’s the way Life is..if you don’t know..you can’t solve…that’s why peeps stay mad with their families and friends…there is no communication…TALK…RESOLVE….MOVE ON……Thanx to all for letting me know this…I miss my peeps…

Going on a one day trip with Gail..she’s  going to get her hair done by our Magnifacent Meg..I’m going cause Gail has a tendency to fall asleep here lately in the blink of an eye and I am scared for her to go by herself…she needs to go get checked out..but hey..we all tend to put things off…it is nice to get out n bout and leave your safe place..the guys are on their own for supper…Oh! dear…last time I came home..daddy was frying Fish Cakes…what an aweful smell…two days to get that out of the house…LOL!…

thats all I got…sending you super simple Monday..may your week be easy and blessed…





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