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PeCaPeCa…yes..a big Thank you to our Megster for another wonderful time …Gail and I always get the royal treatment when we go to see the Raleigh Crowd…the only thing missing in our trip was seeing My Amy L….

And we discussed the big wedding coming up in the Family…Meg doesn’t want to be the fat sister ..I don’t want to be the ugly wrinkled face Aunt..and Gail doesn’t want to be the Fat Aunt…we all got work to do for that Dream to come true…Gail n Meg’s goal is reachable…mine is not…LOL!…them wrinkles are here to stay..unless they braid my hair so tight that I look like a chinamen…Too Funny!

The guys did good on cooking themselves their supper..Daddy had soup n sandwich and Santa stopped at Hardee’s…tonight will have to be a super makeup Supper for them…LOL!

A relative on Santa’s side of the family commented on the doll I made for Amy L.’s friend…she thought it looked like Steven Tyler and instead of books..she said she would put CD’s of him on the self…my response..it’s a girl ..but after I looked at her again..it sur favored Steven…LOL!…but the cd thing is a great future idea…Thanx..Val..

keep all comments and suggestions coming….I love it…

Today is housecleaning day..serious cleaning..the kitchen looks like we have brought the yard on the floor…and talk about dust…that’s the only thing I reall hate about housecleaning…No Crafting Today…

thats all I got…sending you a terrific Tuesday..



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