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Hump Day Happening’s..

PeCaPeCa…It’s Hump Day already and I have no plans for this day except to just let it happen…well..maybe laundry detail…that’s no biggie…I happen to like doing that…

I did manage to get floors scrubbed BUT no dusting..

And I did Craft..I’m trying to decide the name of this one..Ned and Ted…or Thad and his Dad…what you think…it’s a wall hanging..and they take care of the birds ..but Ted or Thad is so tired..he’s taking a break..look at his nasty feet …lol..Ned or Dad is not happy…

I will be working out another mermaid today…I’m trying to get some extras done for the Spring Fest in April…this Saturday I’m having a Sale on some of the ones that I have had for awhile..they are all coming with me Saturday..the scenes are staying home this time….Five Dollars off regular price…or even less…Lets make a Deal…and who wouldn’t want one in their Easter Basket..

thats all I got..cause Daddys ready to go…sending you the happiest of hump days..



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