Pics pics pics and a lil writing….’s that dreaded day for so many but for some it’s another day of retirement..I promise you’ll get there one day…everyday is any day…you’ll see…

yesterday was a miserable chilly rainy day so I got my crafting on…Seaair…Miss Red..carer of the cardinals…and Releaseame…she’s for a teacher..I love my new hair’s Alpaca hair…sooo soft and the lady even dyes colors for ya…gallon bag for ten bucks with a few extra stuffs…all colors…

And Amy L.gave her friend her doll this morning…big smiles and a few held back tears…hope it made Susan’s day a little brighter…it was a pleasure making it…I wonder if she liked the duck dog…LOL!…I almost forgot..I was commissioned to do a redheaded’s one of those cross your finger and hope they like it..don’t know her name BUT I LOVE IT…image

My calendar week is Buzy..Daddy has lots of appointments..just all biggies so far…and lots of Crafting…

thats all I got…sending you a super Monday….


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