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Happy Hump Day…

PeCaPeCa..yes..it’s here already..a couple more days and it will be your weekend again..hope you have a wonderful rest of the week…mine beginning has been outstanding,yesterday was payday and Santa and I shopped our hearts out at Wally World…broke again…LOL!…

Today is Homecleaning and scrubbing..Daddy poked a hole in one of his Cokes and it is  from the  kitchen to the bathroom..trust me..he can make a mess and make a mess over it…can you believe he took my brand new dish towel and its white to clean up the floor…and then wouldn’t sit down so I could get it cleaned up..the more I wiped the more he tracked…walking and tracking ..slam to the bathroom…sooooo today there is NO Playing…literally sticking to the floor…

thats all I got…sending you that special moment in your given day…


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