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He has Risen…

PeCaPeCa….He has risen and thank God that he did for US to live the Life we do….

Happy Easter ….please teach your children..it ain’t all about Easter Bunnies and Eggs…

Well…Yesterday’s Market was a good one…Lots of peeps..and I sold four dolls and I gave two as gifts…and eggs were not my hot item yesterday…LOL…

I sold Estelle…Dew..Miss Twig..Tink…these people don’t know but as I wrap them ..I am talking to the doll …the whole time…in my head…I have become attached to some…

and my give a ways….there is a vendor named Carol and she has always been supper nice to me..giving me stuff for my dolls and giving me good info so I won’t get in trouble…anyway..she has a daughter with Downs and is quite the artists..and I thought she was deserving so she got the Easter girl..Carol was so Happy and that’s all that matters to me…

As I was sitting and staring at peeps go by..I spotted a familiar bird on this tiny lil girl’s shirt…it was a Peacock..I told the little girl..I wanted her shirt..she smiled and her grandma says it’s her favorite bird..and her birthday was next week ..she’s going to be four and a lady in Greenville was making her a Peacock birthday cake…Oh My…I had to give her the Peacock doll..her lil eyes lit up and grandma started crying…it ’twas truly a blessed day for me….


Today we are going to the Farm for Easter Family Dinner…I’m in charge of the Ham cooking and Gail is in charge of the trimmings and well..Daddy was in charge of the Banana Pudding…he decided to try it on his on while I was at the Market…needless to say there were OPPS! Moments…so we maybe eating it with a straw.or a knife..LOL!..but I do know this it will taste good..pretty is not everything…

thats all I got…sending you a blessed Easter Day…image




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