PeCaPeCa…Can’t say enough bout the Seasons God has created for us..but I think Spring is bout the best…just came in from the early morning porch sittin’ ‘..and he has blessed us again…

And I must be feeling it through my dolls…cause I came up with Sunshine yesterday and today I have Cloud..she takes your bluest days away…

And its Hump Day already…days are a passing fast…are you living them to there fullest?…I am truly trying….

ok..I don’t get this joy all the time but I got Daddy good last night at supper…I made creamed corn to go with Pork Chops…as I was fixing Daddys plate..he says..don’t give me but a half spoon full of that..I don’t like reply..I didn’t know that..or I would have fixed you something extra…conversation went on…after two more helpings of corn..he says…I guess I’ll have to take that back..this is real good..LOL!…and was sneaking alittle more after I left the table..too funny…

Today is another crafting day…I have request for more hanging fairies…I have sold that’s my drive this week…

thats all I got…sending you a marvelous Hump Day…




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