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Happy Birthday….

PeCaPeCa…A great Big Happpy Birthday to Our Gail….and Daddy did a great big Choclate Cake…we hope you have a great Big Day…

Speaking of Gail…she is good for a laugh on some crazy stuff all my life and now she has done it again…while fixing some breakfast for her grandchildren…she had a mixing bowl for eggs and standing by the trash can…cracking the eggs…and not knowingly putting the shells in the bowl and cracking the eggs in the trash can..and couldn’t figure out where the eggs went…too funny…now that’s a good laugh…

Well I finished Sunflower and she’s a cutie…

the market weather doesn’t look good for today but I have Faith..it will be a GOOD DAY..regardless…daddy made me some orange cupcakes with CreamCheese icing…yum…come get you one if there’s any left by eight…LOL!

I have to post this pic in honor of my brother’Russell Jr.’…he would be all over this baby..Noah…it’s his grandson…and son..’Rusty’…what a pic…image

thats all I got…sending you the greatest of days



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