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Another great day….

PeCaPeCa…Yep..I am thankful for another great day at the market..not in dollars but my soul n spirit…a lot of laughs…my ole corner grill peeps that just happen to be there that I have not seen in years..stirred up a lot of great memories for me and them…even did alittle preaching for God…and some of the ole Deb er K shown through and as I said A lot of Laughs…spite the rainy weather…

Sold all my eggs and at almost the end of the day…I sold Sunflower…

And I got to do some damage control on a couple of my dolls..the lady next to me..knocked two of them off my stand…don’t ask…I don’t know how she did it myself…and then she ran and hid Til the end of the day..and then she ask if they were alright..Duh!…I didn’t even get mad..it’s all good for me…

And the cupcakes were awesome Daddy made…the lady’s Oooo n Awwww…over them..they think Daddy is the greatest..in which he is…LOL!

thats all I got…cooking bacon for our Sunday Morning Breakfast..sending you a thankful moment in your given day…



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