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And the Wind Blows…

PeCaPeCa….just came in from my morning sit on the porch and that wind is a blowing pretty good…feels good spite the wind…be sure and take of your plants tonight..I already got my plan…

and guess what I did yesterday…after a friend..Ginger sent me a plan on how to dust…LOL!…I finally did it…and there’s a picture on Daddys tv after all…I think I’m good for another month or two…How often do you dust?…Thanx..Ginger..thought of you while I was doing that feat….

Ok..you got to get one of these..I found it at Roses…solar lightin bugs in a jar…to dang cute…I took this pic about a minute ago…if you get one you have to turn it on from inside after it Solars up…duh…I just did that too….image

today is a laundry day for me…taking a short break from crafting this week…doing repairs and trying to figure out a easy traveling plan with all this stuff…less damage control…

That’s all I got…sending you a terrific Tuesday…



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