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PeCaPeCa….Yep..it’s that day again..Happy Hump Day…wow..they are coming around fast….

Laundry…Dusting..Check…today is scrubbing floors…and toilet duty…

I finally got all my damage control done on the dolls and I have put them in individual bags..lets see if that helps…and my eyes have been opened to Sales tax reports..not my cup of tea…it’s time to pay the piper…LOL!…Thanx..Lil Linda for all your help…

It is sad to me that you want to make a few extra dollars..just crafting and the government has to get their sticky fingers in your extra dollars…there’s always a downside…

Taxing Crafts…Really?

that was my rant for the month..

Daddy has over slept and missed his ride so that’s my Q to do…that’s all I got sending you the best test of days…




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