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PeCaPeCa…if you woke up..he gave you another glorious day to make your mark..lets do this….

Yesterday was absolutely marvelous outside…Santa and I stayed out there almost all day…come to find out the wind had broke a limb out of the pecan tree on to our telephone wire to the house…Chain saw happening..that was fun… Now we discovered that the tree may have to go..four or five more dead limbs…Daddy is sad..he planted that tree when mama and him moved here…he wants to replace it and I told him..eight to ten years before you get pecans…he may or may not be here to see that..I’m fine without it…it hasn’t given us pecans for the last two years…it got webworms bad..they love a pecan tree…

yesterday was also sibling day..it was so nice to see all the good things on the Facebook feed instead of all the political crap..

I am truly blessed with two great sisters…

Dont know what this week will bring but I’m ready…that’s all I got…sending you the greatest of Monday’s…


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