Mother’s Day….

Happy Mother’s Day to my sisters..daughter in laws..friends…this is Our Day….

PeCaPeCa…what a great morning to wake up’s glorious outside for our day and I intend to have a great day to match my day at the Farmers Market yesterday…Yep…sold three dolls and all my eggs..don’t get no better than that…

One of my dolls..’Party in a Box ‘is going to a lil four year old girl in California…Wow!.how kool is that…the market was full to the brim..lots of Mothers shopping and buying for their special things for their day….

I must say my whole day was backwards for me…it started out that way so I continued to do every thing I usually do the opposite..getting a new perspective …i took a bath before the market…went with my hair wet..I didn’t write a blog..I didn’t play my games..took a new route to the market..sat on the other end of my table..set my dolls up differently…had a new table partner…ate potted meat with crackers for lunch…and it all panned out to a perfectly great day….it’s good to shake things up once in awhile…

thats all I got…once more..Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers…sending you all the love and respect you deserve…


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