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I’m Bac……

PeCaPeCa…..first off…sorry if I left my peeps hanging…as you know I made a trip to Amy L’s and I didn’t take my iPad and very little else cause it was a short trip but let me tell you this …well worth it….you know you have been told…there’s a light in all your troubleness and test on this earth and GOD gives you the light at the end…without going into a lot of detail…when I left Monday morning…we all were refreshed and anew and that LIGHT was shining better for all of us…

Amy L. And Goodegg have started on a new journey in their lives…the girls also and sometimes it’s so cloudy..you can’t see all the positives you have created in your own HOME…and they found out a trip from Deb er K is what they needed as well as myself..like I said Refreshed and UpLifted if just alittle…

Amy L. Has a new Craft room and she has made her first piece to feel it out…too cute..

imageand I got the leftovers and I was stunted at the amount of stuff she ..freeing herself of…not it is stacked in my craft room…BUT…I am in Craft Heavnen…my vendors friend are going to love this…I plan to use some..sell some…Amy has got to make some dollars out of all this stuff..and give some back to my fellow vendor crafters…it’s all GOOD…

Daddy and Santa did quite well while I was gone…the home didn’t stink or nothing…the toilet was questionable..but men don’t see that kinda clean…they missed me and I missed them

My Just Ben and Family added to their Family…cute lil kitten…awe…image

and Jonboy and his lil Family fit right in that lil Boat…image

well ..I guess that catches you up….if I think of anything else..let you know tomorrow..got things to do….that’s all I got…sending you a sight of the light on your given day…

P.S.i also got a new do for a day from my Megster…

Do number two


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