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PeCaPeCa..It turned out to be a Craft Day…I didn’t even get dressed at all yesterday..the rain just kept coming all day..which was fine cause I know my flowers loved it..soooo I Crafted…Hot Glue Gun in hand …look what I came up with..all I need are some fairy lights and it will be done…Fairy Gazbo..Cindy..all from stuff I got this weekend

Cute…..Fairy Buckets are next on my to do list…

Today I have really got to do some laundry and cleaning…no playtime…well..maybe just alittle..LOL!

Things around here are kinda on the smooth side of Life and I like it..I like it a lot..

Daddy is still upright and doing as a ninety year old could be..at the doctors office the other day and I heard daddy tell this man to go ahead of him cause he was slower than him…guess how old that man was…ninety six…that was funny to me…and that little old man could really move fast with his push scooter…a word from experience..please take the time to be patient with older peeps you come in contact with in your daily life..you’ll be there one day if you live long enough…I see this disrespect every day..it makes my blood boil…not holding doors..rushing by them cause they move slower..etc…..I just won’t to slap them and say Wake Up..thanx..

well..I finally broke down and got two tomato plants..I just never have any luck but there’s always this time…the only reason I got them was for daddy..he always buys two every year for the past twenty years and I think he may have gotten ten good tomatoes…LOL!…but it’s all about him with me…anything he desires..or I try at least..and payday is coming up next week and he knows all his goodies will be on his table..and me..standing on the side lines..watching him enjoy putting them away…sounds like a simple thing..don’t it…those are the memories that make up life…

thats all I got…sending you a great day…



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