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PeCaPeCa…I am loving this weather..I know we have had a lot of rain but the coolness is awesome..I even worked in my flower beds yesterday…pulling grass..never broke a sweat…soooo nice…well..it’s Monday and I hope you got to wake up and live another day given…hopeful for another week…LOL!..Santa and I just kinda hung out around the home for our day together..doing stuff …it was a nice day..with him..Oh..I even made sugar cookies..I’m not a baker per say but I love to make cookies and brownies..

leave the other stuff for the professionals…I ate til my belly hurt..Yummy!..and Brillo..no nuts…I said that cause I know he reads and likes sugar cookies..

One short story…one of my old customers stopped by my table Saturday and ask..how much PorchTime did this take to come up with these creations?…I just laughed and replied..None..that’s an all natural High…the Deb er K you know from long ago…I just love seeing my customers from long ago…it brings back a lot of smiles for me..don’t know about what they remember…Too Funny!

Today..is wide open..I have no plans set..just live this day to its fullest..the dollars are low but no biggie?..cause Wednesday is payday..yea!!!!! Baby!…rich for an hour…LOL!

thats all I got…sending you an absolute marvelous Monday….

Oops…P.S.alittle something from my JonBoy…image



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