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Great Week….

PeCaPeCa…it has been a great week…for me…hope the same for you…

Tomorrow is Marlet Day and it’s calling for rain…maybe just maybe..it won’t happen like last Saturday…and we will have a marvelous day…I will have new stuff of Amy L.’s..this basket will have two dollar stuff and I will have last week’s basket of stuff for two items for a dollar..it was a hit last week..hopeful for this one…they are great little memorance gifts…come get you some…

my side of the table will be mermaids..woodland characters and my regular dolls…

Its a holiday weekend…Memorial Day..I salute all men n women who have served and active…A great big Thank You given…My Daddy was a Navy Man..

Be Safe in your traveling to where ever you are headed for this holiday…give a 👍’S Up to all the crazies…no road rage..Please…you get more reaction with the thumb..trust me..love the look on their faces…

thats all I got…sending you the most fabulous Friday…


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