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Family Day…

PeCaPeCa…Market Day was a lonnnnnnnnng Day for some odd reason…I bet there were at least two thousand peeps come through Saturday..the vendor spaces were packed..some didn’t even get to set up..it just wasn’t my day for doll selling…eggs went fast..a lot of lookies..no takies…and that’s ok…we all had a great day…amongst each other…don’t have any interesting stories cause they didn’t take the time to chit chat…lord..I tried..to get things going but just wasn’t interested…their lost…LOL!

Today is my Family Day..got my Farm peeps coming and three of the Raleigh peeps…haven’t cooked for them in awhile and looking forward to it…Daddy has made a chocolate cake and Gail a sweet potato pie..and why she gets something special..beats me…LOL…she likes to get one up on us on Daddys side…..we are having baked ham mashed taters corn on cob rolls…good times…image

looks like we had alittle rain during the night…my flowerbeds are standing tall this morning..air is refreshed…

well..that’s all I got..sending you a great day given..


4 thoughts on “Family Day…

  1. That cake looks so good!!!! Still on weight watchers, none for me. Finally down 11#’s!! Tell Uncle Russell, keep Donnie in his prayers, please. I will call tomorrow!!

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