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Another Rainy Day…

PeCaPeCa…this week has been all about rain…and me being extremely LAZY…I haven’t done any crafting just watching movies or series on this dang Netflix that my Meg has be addicted to…I am watching now..how to get away with murder..it sure keeps you going when there’s no commercials…LOL!…awesome series…thank you Meg ..you are causing me to be lazy..just kidding…

Today is Vet day for the Worm Dog…shot and shampoo…I should call it miracle shampoo..his dog is such a different dog with this treatment going on…I even like her just alittle…still pooping n p..ing..but not as often…Yea!…

I had great response to Daddys write up yesterday…he is truly loved and admired by many…thank you for loving my daddy…

Just talked to my Just Ben…he is such a sweet boy…man to you..my baby to me…I was telling him about this thing I bought at the junk store yesterday..come to find out he had a story about the same thing…I am going to use this at the market..I can point or poke…love it…he said his favorite teacher had one and he found one in his yard…too funny…image

and also I found my sweet grandson Owen a toy..he has alittle anger issue so I thought this would be helpful…what are grannies for if not to help out…LOLimage

well that’s all I got…sending you a marvelous Thursday…


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