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Crazy Morning…

PeCaPeCa…Sorry..I’m late but some things had to be done by the early morning light…transplanting…yes..you don’t have to tell me this was the wrong time of the year but the elephant ears had exploded..soooo…moving time…I dug enough to go on the other side of of the house..they had gotten so full and big that you couldn’t see the porch…and them suckers were extremely hard to cut and dig…I had to get out my trusty butcher knife…my mama taught me…a butcher knife and butter knife was the essentials of any household fix in’…

And it’s Monday for us folk and I think Summer has hit…it’s HOT…too old for the heat…can’t take enough off to get Cool…

got a buzy week…daddy has two doc appointments..I got crafting to do…and the normal..laundry and scrubbing…and cooking…some things may go to the wayside…like the last three…lol..

Yesterday was a bust..I did nothing but watch Netflix..Orange is the new black…hooked again…I need to delete this….yeah..right…lol

thats all I got…sending you a Marvelous beginning to your new week given…



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