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Rainy Day….

PeCaPeCa….lots to do today…daddy has doc appointment…and I finally got my craft on…Meet…Oceanna…it’s for Jack Jr…going to finish her up today..perfect rainy day for crafting..

I am out of supplies and payday is not til next Wednesday…dollars are short til then..

It’s looking like rain for Saturday…June has not been a good month for selling..

I will be making Santa Happy tonight with some fried grizzards and fried chicken..oh that man does love some fried chicken…

The water bugs are running rampant…killed three this morning…I hate them things…they are big enough to ride…getting out my trusty can of spray today…I have failed to spray every two weeks..got to get back on track or they’ll take over….

it’s because we sprayed around the house outside and yard..their running for a safe place…not any more….lol!

thats all I got…sending you a marvelous Thursday…



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