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image PeCaPeCa…this is Santa’s Old Man Van…of course he and I make everything we drive look good…so no problem…we are Happy with the deal…I had a choice of losing my Peacock and having this and I just couldn’t lose my bird….so it’s Santa’s new ride and I can borrow it anytime…LOL..thanx again Mark n Melanie…awesome…we got AC..and I know about the side bets on how long Santa will have this one…lol..there’s one thing I ask Santa when we decided to get real on our relationship..always keep me in some kinda car..I didnt care as long as there was a car in the driveway and since 1998 he has kept his promise…I’ve had BMW’s to trucks to VW to toyotas..even a car we cut the top off..it’s been all good….

Today is Payday and you know I’m happy…got my list and ready to go shopping…daddy is looking forward to coming home to his table full of treats…

thats all I got…sending you the most marvelous hump day…




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