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It’s that Time….

PeCaPeCa….yep..I’m up and ready to go to the market….how bout you?…make that plan to come on out and see what your locals have to offer…

Yesterday was toe day for me…one toe was trama..I had to make her stop..but in the end I got beautiful Rednails…for the months of July…image

all the bills are paid…groceries bought..gas in the cars…what more could I ask for…July is looking good….

Say alittle pray of safety and fun for our Magnifacent Meg and her three amigos..they woke up in Paris this morning on their fabulous journey they are on for two weeks..image

i am so proud of Meg..she is so deserving for what this big world has to offer…

Oh..Daddys cooking supper tonight…and I don’t care what we are having…as long as I don’t have to….he pushes himself to do these things and that is what I love about his golden years…


thats t’s all I got….sending you a super Saturday….



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