PeCaPeCa..there’s something about Sunday morning that just puts me at peace with everything….just came in from porch with Santa..cool air..birds singing and my plants are a growing..everything is green…

Well..first off we had competion yesterday..it was also the blueberry festival and our crowd was low at the Market…and it was HOT…we all struggled to keep a happy face..I had no sales and I wasn’t alone..the farmers were even struggling to keep the faith…I guess you have to have bad to know what good looks like as daddy says…June has not been a good month for me at the market…the lady that ordered Fred didn’t even show up…Oh well..there’s always another day…

Our Meg has made it to Paris..she is keeping us in pics of her trip…she sent me this one I honor of Big Jean’…image

oh yes..there must be some treats along the trip…image

and this one …she made it to the top of the tower…image

All seven hundred steps..she says….And this Magnifacent shot…image

God is Good…Thanx ..Meg…contiune have a life time memory…

thats all I got cause that pic says it all…


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