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Buzy Week….

PeCaPeCa….Yep..my week is already planned out…Daddy has Doc appointments…housecleaning…laundry and maybe some crafting..and then there’s always Supper to cook….speaking of supper..I forgot to tell you what I had waiting for me Saturday after Market…thanx to PaPa Bear and Daddy…fresh corn..fresh tomatoes..string beans and potatoes..squash n onions…sweet potato fluff with marshmallow topping..sliced cucumbers…fried cornbread..now that’s a country meal…and daddy cooked it all….awesome..

Well..I decided to do alittle under clothes shopping…mine you I have not wore underwear in about ten years…just haven’t..no special reason…soooo..I decided it was time again for some odd crazy reason…Mainly cause of the size I didn’t know or what I even liked anymore…cause my mama use to buy them for me..full granny panty..I went for…put them suckers on when I got home…didn’t know what I had been missing…I must have bought the right kind and size cause they felt GOOD…and some new bras..now there’s a story in its self…I got so disgusted trying on regular bras..I went back to my old stand bys…sports bra…at least I got something on these things…

yes..we all know the stories on these prize winners…I hate them..always have BUT..they were the talk of the town sometimes…..LOL!…

Anyway..I got new stuff…

Santa and I had a great outing yesterday and he even treated me to Sunday Lunch at Wendy’s…we don’t get to do that very often…it seemed real nice that I didn’t have to cook…

thats all I got…sending you a smooth Monday…


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