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It’s that Time…..

PeCaPeCa….Yep…car is packed…RV coffee made….and it’s time to go and get ready for YOU and your shopping experience….looks like a good day out there…so make a plan to come on down to the Market..

Yesterday Santa and I went to the Pound..just to look..lots of puppies and dogs…only saw one one that caught my eye…I think his name would be Maxx…he wasn’t ready to be put on the list for adoption yet…she said he would be ready by the seventh..that gives me time to change out the carpet and think about him for a week…getting a pet is a big decision…lots to think about…Daddy misses Roxie really bad and I miss having a dog…this is the longest I have ever been without a dog…we will see how all this pans out…

Daddys boo boo is looking good…and he feels alittle better…thanx again for your prayers and concerns…

thats all I got…sending you a super weekend…



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