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.PeCaPeCa….Beautiful..Quiet…Sunday Morn’…while sitting on the Porch…no traffic at all..that seems so good…enjoy the noises of the morning waking up …

Yesterday’s Market was a buzz with lots of peeps…and it was HOT…didn’t sell anything…sometimes you can’t help but get discouraged..I’m the first to admit it…but I know better days are ahead…I’m thinking about taking the month of August off..I’ve already paid for July…so I’m going to finish it out…In August I may just focus on making new things for Halloween and christmas…start fresh in September…let you know ahead of time on that decision…also thinking bout having a big sale on my remaining art…just taken a break…

Got some things I want to do around the house…..like getting rid of carpet and focusing on a new pet…

Today is a new day given…and that’s all I got…sending you that special moment in your given day…



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