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Feel Good Day…

PeCaPeCa….my MaMa use to say…if you want something torn out or up..call Deborah n Big Jean’..don’t know bout putting it back….

Well..we done a good thing yesterday and was through by twelve…everything went smooth in the transition of Daddys room…new carpet rocks…and yes there was one small hiccup…Lowe’s carpet cutting machine was broke…soooo plan B took affect…we went to see one of our old corner grill customers and he had a great reimant for a few more dollars than our budget but it worked itself out and look at the awesome results…Happy Birthday..Daddy…that’s present number two and your birthday ain’t here yet…and must I say it was time to dust in there..woah!….image

I am sooo Proud of my Santa…he always has my back…

Today I am getting a new vaccum cleaner…well deserved…no more P smell….

thats all I got….sending you the most happiest of Hump Days..


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