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PeCaPeCa….I am sooooo excited….my Amy L.is coming to see us and going to stay maybe a couple days….Fun SisterTime…her request….Fried Chicken Tenders…Real Mac n Cheese and a Cocoanut Pie..(Corner Grill Style)…and I am going to do my dangest to make it happen…

Still concerned about Daddy…I keep asking him..how he feels and if there is anything he wants me to do…he’s just so weak…he has a doc appointment soon..so he sees no need to go or do something…and I can’t make him…I just suggest or request…keep us uplifted in prayers…Thanx…

Ok…Bella found out last night…how we roll around here..she got her first T-Bone Steak…gnawed to a sliver..I told her we didn’t do much for excitement but we eat WELL…..I think she likes her new Home…

thats all I got…sending you a terrific Tuesday….


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