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It’s Monday……

PeCaPeCa…Yep..a new week to get it right…and I have no set plan…the only thing I do know is hump day day is MY PAYDAY….Dollars….again if only for a day..

I posted three blogs yesterday…I had two hundred and seventy reads…it took three blogs to get all the party in..I kept forgetting something..and my pics would not download for some odd reason…And the Birthdays are still happening…for the family in July…Somebody had a good winter in all those years…

Today is our Katy’s Bday…A great Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY…have a wonderful YOUR day..

and Bella loves the Hog Head…she even ate the teeth…

and I may have a visitor this week…JonBoy has work back at home…and going to stay with his MaMa..I love it when they come back home if only for a little while..

my last words….ITS HOT…I hate HOT…

thats all I got..sending you a great Monday…


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