I’m slow today….

PeCaPeCa…woke up feeling kinda on the sluggish side of things…trying my best to make it better…you know you just get one chance of your given day…

anyway…on my to pic daddy up from BoTime..and I’m in the hunt for a bathroom rug and new shower curtain…need a change…bright and cheery…

i don’t have much news…going to market Saturday and I think I have finally decided to take all of August off…be back in September…I haven’t had the spirit of craft in me..if there’s anything you may want..just call or text me..ill give you a deal on any of what I have made…

Life is good right now in the Jack n the Box..thank you ..Lord…

Tonight is Hotdog night…

My JonBoy left yesterday to go back to his family..really enjoyed his stay…thank you jonboy for letting me know you got home ok…just a request…lol

thats all I got…sending you a bright moment in your given day….

Ride the ride of life


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