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Friday…..my Peeps…

PeCaPeCa….yep..it’s Friday..quite a week..it’s been sooooHot…no energy to do nothing outside…I’m going to give the Market a try tomorrow and then I’m taking August off…be back in September…

Today is a nothing relaxing day…I got zero housework…zero laundry…and we are having leftovers for sup….

i have the worst luck with tomato plants..mine are doing crappy…got seven tomatoes about the size of golf balls and already got some kinda of varmont  eating on them…I give up..no more will I buy and try….and don’t get me started on my fig trees..black birds from hell…at least at the moment the grapes are safe…

And I got lots of Bdays this month..got my cards yesterday..already to mail…and yes you may get them early..or late…even mine is this month…65 I will be…Hmmm!….Medicare kicks in….

i bought a new shower curtain and rug for the bathroom yesterday..I wanted to freshen things up in there and no time to paint..I went with red rug and a cute red green yellow curtain…love it….and while I’m on the subject of a shower curtain…I hate it when the liner gets all that soap crap on it and looks nasty…it is so easy just to go and buy another and put it up…it’s a pet peeve of mine..so if I’m ever at yours..I will be a looking…just change it out….yes..I’m a bathroom freak…toilets are on the top of the list…clorax to the rescue always…just saying…

thats all I got…sending you a great cool day inside…




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