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Holy Crap….

PeCaPeCa…well..Miss Bella went to the vet yesterday…this lovely new adopted dog has really run up a bill..shots..fleas meds..nails…and adoption papers..almost four hundred so far…and still has one more vet appointment to go..I know they are a life time comment..but this is a lot for me right now with dollars…GOD has seen fit that I have the money to do this for her…in the end..she is well worth the dollars..she has proven that already…she is now officially a Leohmann…LOL!…

today is a doc day for Daddy..just a routine blood run…he’s still up right as he says…

And it’s haircut day for him also…And our supper last night was Shrimp..scallops and flounder..thanx to my JonBoy..it was Daddys Bday present..fresh seafood…thank you my jonboy…it was delicious…

I have been working really hard on cleaning up my craft room…still have a few more areas to clean out but I like what I have done so far…got rid of a lot of clutter..focusing on just the holidays right now..image

looking good

thats all I got….thank you for all the bday wishes for my just ben…sending you a happy second of August…



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