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Life can Change…

PeCaPeCa…”they say”…your Life can change in a blink of an eye and the Jack n the Box did yesterday…it started as a normal day..went to pick Daddy up from his BoTime Β for our day of payday Fun after the doc appointment..well that is as far as we got …doc ordered some blood work and some X-rays..and before we got to the X-rays..we were in the ER…the blood work had come back showing bad things for Daddy….he needed a transfusion…we thought that would be it…No…they admitted him because of internal bleeding somewhere…he is in room 4216 as of last night and some test were ordered..I won’t know anything else until I get there this morning…and you know the hospital has a new way of doing things …test in the middle of the night..checkout at any time of the day and night..move from room to room or floor to floor…I will keep all posted on my Daddy…Please put my Daddy on the prayer list if you have one…

“they “tell you not to worry ..but that’s all you do…scenarios run through your head..and I can’t imagine what is going through Daddys..

And my Santa is having some serious back n gut problems…on going thing BUT today I am calling the doc for him appointment…it’s time to address this issue….

And for me..I just keep the Peacock car ready for any destination I have…to go…I got this….with God by my side…all things are possible…

Thank you my Peeps for always being there to listen to me…knowing you are on my team makes things better…that’s all I got…sending you a wonderful given day…


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