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What to say?…

PeCaPeCa…what a wonderful morning to sit on the porch with silence and watching the morning break through…no traffic..just nature and just being…I really don’t know what to tell you about Daddys condition…when you look at him and see him..you would think nothing is wrong..sadly there is and they don’t know what where when how to begin…all things are stacked against him..one time Doc Moore told Daddy..there’s only so many bandaides you can put on an aging person and I think the box is almost empty for daddy…I don’t want to be doom n gloom…only God has the plan for all of us…contiune to pray ..that’s what I do know…I say again..thank you for all your prayers and concerns for our Family…no one knows what the next minute hour day is in store..you just live it…

I am cooking dinner today for my family…farm crowd..Raleigh crowd…at least we can all be together and have a few good moments…we will be loading up daddy ‘s hospital room today…fair warned…LOL!…they may throw us out….

thats all I got…sending you a blessed Sunday given


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