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Just Awesomeness…

PeCPeCa…I can’t begin to tell you how our Sunday given was…it’s was just plain Awesomeness…FAMILYTIME with Santa..me..PaPa Bear..Gail..Mel..Olivia..Mark..Goodegg..My Amy L…Meg ..Katy..Rocky..Mattie..and of course our Jeese Wayne..image



Sunday Dinner at the Jack n the Box was just like a

ole times at MaMa Ruby’s and Daddy…speaking of Daddy..after dinner we ALL went up to see Daddy..now that was a room full..when we got there..the room was already full with ole time friends of the family…needless to say it was full of laughing and catching up of some life time memories….Daddy was thrilled he had his family together especially in a four by four box…LOL!…now on his health..by a miracle..the bleeding has stopped dead in its tracks…he maybe coming home today..if he had a good reading on his blood numbers last night…there is great power in prayer and our God..evendently..it was not Daddys time…he looks and feels a lot better…I..still have concerns but we all do..about bleeding again..it’s just a sit and wait game and try to go back to your normal again and not dwell..If you truly believe..then move on and LIVE..I was up at six getting ready for Daddy to come home…FRESH BED to lay his head and tired body on….nothing like a fresh bed…after being away from it…

I thank everyone again for all the prayers…continue…

and that’s all I got….sending you great things on your Monday..a new week to LIVE..


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