PeCaPeCa…I have always loved breakfast time even when I was was my favorite meal to…and be with my customers and my Family…nothing like the smell of Bacon frying…I do believe my customers could smell it for miles away…

Yesterday I had a great day with my sisters..we went to Jacksonville for short shop…and then out to eat lunch at Cracker Barrel…it seemed so good to have my own dollars to spend…I know I didn’t have enough to pay for everyone’s like they use to do for me but I could pay and be on my own…Amy L. Had a safe trip Home…it’s all good…

i went to Hobby Lobby with the intentions of finding things for my Christmas stuff to make..and I got a bag full of cute trinkets…at a great price…if only I could get off Netflix..I may be able to get some crafting done…LOL!

Today is Santa and I day…we just love to take a just be..with each other..I look forward to this on Sunday’s…

I bought Daddy some new fancy suspenders…he looks awesome in them…for ninety nine cents…can’t beat good looking for that price…LOL!

And I found out they are taking some of the trees down on National..they will be missed cause I think they been there for hundreds of years..but much safer to drive down the street…we all get to old for somethings..even trees…

thats all I got…sending you that special moment on your Sunday given…




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