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Another Sunday Morn…..

PeCaPeCa…yep..another Magnifacent Sunday Morn’ on the porch with no traffic..just birds singing to wake up the morning sky…going to be a great day…

Well..I went to the Market yesterday to pay my dues…starting back to work next Saturday…I was greeted with bags of stuff and sweet hellos from my fellow vendors…it was nice to see all of them…ask me that in about a month…LOL!…we all get on each other’s nerves sometimes…another LOL!…couldn’t wait to get home to see what they had packed up for me to craft with…I have made alot of good friendships…

The hot happy hat lady gave me some great wood for my stands…so that’s what I did when I got home…sanded..stained and wired all after noon…I did manage to make a couple of things…Belles…and Simora…and Mr.Snowman.cant seem to get my pics to download..sorry…mayb tomorrow


..I got quite a collection of new stuff..to present…some of the older stuff will be on Sale..remember that..good deals…

Today will be a Funtime with Santa..we are going to tour the new grocery store..not buying just strolling through if it ain’t crowded…and I maybe do some more work on getting ready for next Saturday…

thats all I got…sending you that special moment in your given Sunday…


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