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I’m Excited….

PeCaPeCa….My Deb er K Day was so wonderful and I made quite the half a day with it…My Toe experiences are getting better…minable pain …Lynn is getting better at it…got my wooly worms done also…then it was off to the cheap stores to see what I could find to craft with…boy oh boy..I founded some good items…Lookie here what I made…Mr. & Mrs.Skull and Mr. & Mrs.Pumpkin…and  mummy in a casket…making a girl mummy today….sold pretty good…Cute Cute..I say…

Last night for supper..we had some of that wonderful bar b que that my cuz does..still has the touch..

Today is a whatever day…no appointments this week for any of us…seems good…can’t say that about the next couple..going to be buzy…

thats all I got…sending you a fantastic Thursday…


2 thoughts on “I’m Excited….

  1. These are sooooo cute Deborah! I have been busy, but not doing what I like to do the most. You know. Next week is nothing but appts. (Durham) Keep making those crazy dolls! love ya!

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