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Glad I Went….

PeCaPeCa…Glad I decided to go to setup at the Market…after ten the peeps started to load in…the sun broke through a couple of times…it was a good day…I sold one ghost..one elfie…and my Mr. & Mrs. Skeleton…and some eggs…I was Happy..I had made my rent for the month back…and some very happy peeps…you never know what your day will bring if you don’t show up…for it…

All my vendor friends were glad to see me back and a big thank you to Julie for giving me my same spot back…now that was a feat in it self…LOL!..

Have you been outside yet..the air is cool and refreshing..I think it maybe a yard work morning…got some things to do out there…and it’s almost time for the house plants to come in…Oh My…where am I going to put them … Is the question of the day…I love houseplants..and I have quite a few to find a home inside somewhere…

there will be No crafting today…LOL!

Not much else going on in the Jack n the Box…all is good and Daddy is still upright..

thats all I got…sending you great things on your given day…


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